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Hi, I'm John. I live in Holden Beach, NC where I waste most of my time flying kites. I began flying about 6 years ago when, while walking down the beach, someone said "Here, hold this for me". Turns out it was a line to a kite being flown by "Grumpy", one of the WACKOS kite club members. I realized I hadn't flown a kite in 50 years. The WACKOS (Wings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society.....had to have something start with "O", why not okra?) showed me the ropes and now most of my disposable income and time goes into this stuff. If you're interested in learning to fly go to your local kite store or visit one of these good websites for more info: ; ;
When I'm not flying, I'm a biochemist and consult for drug companies.


Food pics

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Smoker Build

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Misc dogs - some dups

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John's Kite Bag

I'm just now starting to organize pictures of my kites. Here are a fe ...

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Stan's pics my kites

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Misc Family

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Dogs Nov-Dec 2013

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Bon Jovi concert Raleigh 2013

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Macy's Parade 2013

Trip to parade, wax museum, etc

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Ft. Walton Beach Kite Festival 2013

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Maggie is our new dane pup. Think bowling ball full of caffeine she w ...

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Kites 2012

Flying at Ft. Walton Beach, FL and at home.

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Possible Kites for Destin

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Cape Fear Fly Nov11

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Google Maps -Unidentified flying elephant!

Found this when Google'd my address......hmmmmm!

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Jungle Animal Kites

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Cape Fear Kite Festival Nov06

Kite fly in Wrightsville Beach, NC on November 4-5. Fliers from WACKOS ...

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July 4 '08 Holden Beach

A few of the kites Grumpy and I flew on the 4th.

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Festival By The Sea

Festival By The Sea is an annual arts/crafts show at Holden Beach, NC ...

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Nemo foil & Ursula

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Memorial Day 2010

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Cape Fear Kite Fly 2009

Photos from the Cape Fear Kite Fest 2009 in Wrightsville Beach, NC. W ...

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